mushroom varieties,

Commonly Cultivated Mushroom Species all over the world

Mushrooms are available in different varieties—button, paddy, oyster, shiitake, milky, etc.—some of which we can cultivate in India. Each of these varieties needs different settings to grow.

  • Agaricus blazei | A. subrufescens (Himematsutake | King Agaricus | Almond Portobello)
  • Agaricus bisporus (Portobello | Button | Crimini)
  • Agrocybe aegerita (Black Poplar | Pioppino)
  • Chlorophyllum rachodes (Shaggy parasol)
  • Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane | Lawyer’s Wig)
  • Flammulina velutipes (Enokitake | Nametake)
  • Fomes fomentarius (Tinder Conk | Hoof Fungus | Ice Man Polypore | Amadou)
Mushroom Farming,

Good Reasons to Grow Mushrooms

There are numerous reasons to learn to cultivate mushrooms and other fungi, as this site attempts to demonstrate. However, some of the most apparent reasons include:

  • Mushrooms are a relatively cheap, year-round source of delicious, healthy whole food and potent natural medicine that can be grown on various urban and agricultural waste products.
  • Mushroom cultivation provides many applications for developing local jobs & revenue as well as community food security.
  • Ability to grow local mushrooms along with species not commercially available.
  • Versatile uses in the garden on the land for soil building, nutrient availability, and water retention.
  • Ability to remediate soil and water and rehabilitate damaged environments.
  • It’s sciencey & fun!
Nutritional Value of Mushrooms,

Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain an extra amount of vitamins B2 and B3. These vitamins take care of the metabolism and the release of energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Vitamin B2 is also necessary for a healthy skin. Folic acid is necessary for growth and the production of blood. It is one of the few vitamins of which, on average, we take in too little from our food. Potassium is necessary for a healthy blood pressure and for muscle and nerve activity. Phosphorous takes care of healthy bones and teeth and also of energy metabolism. Copper is necessary for your immune system, nerves and for the synthesis of body cells. All these nutritional values occur in high concentrations in mushrooms.