mushroomsMushroomcultivation.in is an independent organisation offers end to end information on how to start a Mushroom farm, planning a new farm, funding resources and strategies to start your mushroom farm on.

Mycogroups Mushroom Consultants is an independent consulting agency that focuses on the entire process of producing & marketing mushrooms.This website hosts information on mushroom research & its cultivation.

Mushroom growers need both experience and education. Mushrooms are often thought of as an easy crop to produce with a high price potential. People often find mushroom cultivation is not as easy as they thought it would be. Much of the necessary knowledge must be acquired through practical experience, but understanding the principles of mushroom cultivation demystifies the process, allowing the grower to successfully adapt and develop cultivation methods.

Here you will learn how to grow edible mushrooms including Oyster, Milky and Button Mushroom on your small farm or at home for profit or personal use, on logs or on blocks.

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